Poker Variations

Find the Best Poker Games at America's Top Casinos

Poker is a classic game that is also available in different variants. Although they have the same objective, these popular poker variants differ in the number of hole cards, the number of betting rounds, and the number of cards in play. As a beginner, make sure to review the types of poker and understand the basic rules and bets to play.

All the Types of Poker

Poker is one of the most popular table games at casinos all across America. Each variant has its own unique rules and characteristics that add excitement to the gameplay. Let’s look at the most popular poker variants, and what to keep in mind when playing in real money.

1. Texas Hold’em

For most players and enthusiasts, this is the most popular version of poker online. In this game, you are dealt two hole cards and up to five community playing cards are dealt on the table. Your job is to form the strongest five-card hand using the hole cards and the shared cards.

2. Omaha

In Omaha, you collect four hole cards instead of two, and five community cards are placed on the table. Since you have more hole cards, there’s a big chance to form powerful hands.

3. 7-Card Stud

This poker variant is playable between two and eight players. During the game, each player receives seven cards, three face-down and four face-up. You need to form the best possible five-card hand from the available playing cards.

4. Five-Card Draw

This is another popular variant of poker where you receive five cards. At the start of the game, you have the option to trade up to three cards.

5. 3 Card Poker

In 3-Card Poker, you only need three playing cards instead of the usual five. To start the game, you need to place an ante wager or a pair plus wager. You are betting that you have a hand with at least a pair. In 3-Card Poker, you are playing against the dealer and not the other players.

6. Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino game that uses rules derived from the 5-Card Stud Poker. This game is played against the house. As such, bluffing and other forms of deceptions do not apply.

7. Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a poker-based game that’s registered under Bally Gaming. In this exciting variant, you play against the dealer. During the hand, the player can raise at any time. In this game, the timing in making the raise affects your payout. The earlier your raise, the higher the value.

Which Poker Variation suits you the best?

Poker is a challenging yet fun game. This game can also offer plenty of winning opportunities if one masters the rules and knows the main characteristics of the different types of poker games. So, what’s the best poker variant to play? To help you decide, we review the poker variants based on the house edge, payouts, strategy, and other important characteristics.

Poker variants with the lowest house edge

Ultimate Texas Hold’emPai Gow Poker3-Card StudVideo Poker
House Edge2.19%2.5%1.5%0.46%

A good way to figure out which games are the best to play is by looking at their house edge and RTP percentage. The lower the house edge is, the better for the player because the casino ends up making less profit. 

Poker variations that payout the most

In choosing which poker variations to play, you may want to check out their potential payouts. Here are some poker variants that offer big payouts.

Texas Hold’em Poker

It’s the most popular version that assigns the player with two hole cards. The best payout for Hold’em often comes from the optional bonus bet, like an Ace in either the player’s or the dealer’s hand. In some games, this bet pays 1,000:1.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

This branded game is like a standard Hold’em with slight changes. A player can raise at any time during the hand. Its Trip Side Bet pays 50:1.

The best variants to try when you’re new to casino

In poker, you need to learn the rules, hand rankings, and a few strategies. There is also an element of skill involved when forming the best possible hand. If you are a beginner, check out these highly recommended poker variants.

Texas Hold’em Poker

The most popular poker game is also the most recommended variant for beginners. On each hand, you will try to form the best five-card hand.

3-Card Poker

It’s another popular poker variant that only requires three cards to play.

Types of Poker to play if you’re a pro

The best poker variants for experienced players are those that require advanced strategies. Let’s look at two types of poker games best for the pros.

7-Card Poker

This is slightly difficult to master since each player gets his separate hand and only a few cards are shown.

Chinese Poker

Yes, this is an easy game to play, but it offers complications to beginners. The scoring system here is complicated, and it’s hard to decide if royalties are used in the game.

Poker variations you should avoid

If there are poker variants to play, then there are titles to avoid, too.  If there is a variant to avoid, then it should be Omaha. According to many players, this game is difficult to learn, and bluffing is almost impossible. Also, this game is often offered at fixed limits.

Frequently asked questions

The most popular poker variants you can play today are Hold’em, Omaha, and Caribbean Stud Poker.
Yes, there are casino variants that let you play against the house and not against other players.
Compared to other casino games, poker does not offer a fixed house edge. The house edge varies, and casino operators earn from the rakes and entry fees.