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Is it Wise to Play with Your Bonus Money?

In order to entice new players to their sites, online casinos offer multiple sign-up bonuses to their prospective clients. These usually come in the form of a deposit bonus. This is simply a match of, or an increase in the amount of money that is initially deposited by the player. For example, a 100% match up bonuses means that if a player deposits $100 then the casino will provide them with a bonus of $100. Others will offer no-deposit bonuses, which look even better to the newcomer. But are these deposits all they are cracked up to be? Match deposit bonuses can be quite lucrative if played correctly, as outlined at Casino Cash Bonus and generally come with no risk to the player at all. Both types offer extra money for the player and can be used to find and play extra games at little to no cost to the player. This can mean that new players in particular can try out multiple games just to get the feel for them before truly sinking their teeth into one particular game strategy or losing their own money. This tends to amount to a loss for casinos but this is usually balanced by the numbers who remain loyal and continue on to play at that particular casino, and according to The Mirror more and more players are joining the world of online gambling every day. There are a few disadvantages, though, to be aware of when using these bonuses. Some bonuses are only offered when players play certain games, and bonus credit is sometimes only paid out when certain gaming hours are logged on particular games. This can be disappointing to the new player if they haven’t understood the rules correctly, as any money won can then be withheld by the casino as the player did not fulfill all the set requirements. It is therefore very important for players to read the fine print before playing with bonus cash.